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Ultimate Offset Sight Mount - Blemished

**Minor blemishes on top machined surface that do not affect function of product**


The most effective and usable solution for mounting offset sights.  Stop mounting your back-up sight underneath of your primary optic!  What is the point of back-up sights that you cannot use unless you unscrew and remove your primary optic?  Removing your primary optic is completely impractical for any tactical situation you find yourself in.


This adapter was designed specifically for rifles with mounted optics preventing the back-up sights from being useable, and it is perfect when your primary optic has a short eye relief and is best mounted at the rear most portion of your rail.  That’s because this mount doesn’t require a rail slot!  You can even use it to mount a smaller secondary sight like a red dot sight offset to your primary sight for close quarters conditions.

Ultimate Offset Sight Mount - Blemished

$24.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price

    • Small and low profile – Can be mounted at the tail end of your rail behind your last rail slot, allowing you to mount your primary sight all the way back on the rail.  Does not require a rail slot.
    • Provides 1 rail slot – Sufficient to mount your back-up sights and other 1 slot devices like red dot sights without taking up extra space and adding extra weight.
    • Proprietary geometry – The rail is designed to align directly over the bore centerline, allowing you to accurately zero your back-up sights for maximum accuracy.  Beware of cheap knock-offs that provide an offset in a random location that will never be able to zero properly.
    • Left or right side mount – Allows for maximum ergonomic efficiency.  Quickly tilt your weapon for maximum ease of utilizing your sights.


    *Due to our proprietary geometry, offset sight mount may not match-up with competitor offset mounts.  Buy as a pair to correctly mount both rear and front sight. 

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