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Don't waste your time with the alternate options out there that are either overly bulky and heavy or force you to lose usable blade length on your bayonet!

The AR-15 Bayonet Lug Extender - Adapter provides a 1.5” extension to correctly mount a bayonet to an AR-15 with 16” barrel and carbine length gas system.
• New and enhanced third generation design!
• Ultra-light and strong aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Total weight of around 1/2 ounce.
• Locks into place with two set screws.
• Rigid design, built to last.
• Black anodized finish to resist corrosion and match your current hardware
• Low profile design to blend-in seamlessly. Leave it mounted all the time.



***For Mil-Spec Bayonet Lugs Only***  If your bayonet lug fits into a standard bayonet like M7, M9, OKC-3S and others, you have a Mil-Spec bayonet lug.  Ruger and some other manufacturers have shipped rifles with oversized bayonet lugs that do not fit bayonets. 

AR-15 Bayonet Lug Extender - Adapter

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  • Finally, a no compromise solution for correctly mounting a bayonet to an AR-15 with 16” barrel and carbine length gas system.  The AR-15 Bayonet Lug Extender - Adapter provides a low profile and lightweight design so you can leave it mounted without issues. To install, simply slide the open end of lug extender over your existing bayonet lug, lock-down the two set screws with 1/16” (.0625) and 3/32" (.09375) Allen wrenches / hex keys (tools not included), then attach bayonet to the new lug as normal. Red Loctite or equivalent is recommended on set-screw threads for permanent mounting.


    This product requires an existing bayont lug mounted on your rifle.

    It is your responsibility to know and follow all Federal, State, and local laws, rules, regulations, restrictions and legislation about purchasing/owning/using this product.

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